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About Us

Ugaasadda clothing is a lifestyle brand founded by Ugaaso A. Boocow, a Somali-Canadian blogger and published photographer featured by the BBC, El País, Huffington Post, ELLE Magazine, NPR, La Monde, and The Guardian, just to name a few.


When Ugaaso moved to Mogadishu, Somalia, in August 2014, the last thing she thought she’d be worried about was being fashionable. Turns out, Mogadishu is home to an astounding (and rising) number of transnational returnees, and a lot of them are immaculate boss ladies holding office in graceful dresses and elegant scarves. Having packed a luggage brimming with traditional attire not suitable for the office, Ugaaso went online to purchase modest clothing. She was immediately met with setbacks. A.) Prices were unethically high. B.) Customer service was mortifying. And C.) Payment methods were inconveniencing. Problem-solving being her best skill, she immediately knew she couldn’t be the only one having this problem, and that she would certainly be the one to solve this issue while adding value to someone’s life too.


And so, Ugaasadda Clothing was born out of a desire to start a business that we wished had existed. Ugaasadda means “the Queen” in Somali, deriving from the noun Ugaaso “Queen.” We believe in sourcing the best fabric from all over the world and rendering exceptional customer experience fit for a queen. All core collections are essential modest pieces to build a seasonless wardrobe on. As a nod to Ugaaso’s ancestral roots, some of her favourite picks are given ethnic Somali names, celebrating culture and diversity, and promoting cultural sensitivity within the modest fashion industry.